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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe
The Animal Task Force is a European Public-Private Platform. We promote a sustainable and competitive livestock sector in Europe. We are a leading body of expertise, representing key stakeholders from industry, farmers and research from across Europe.
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ATF past events

ATF Seminar 2016

Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference
ATF presentation online

ATF-EAAP Special Session 2016

 ATF Seminar 2015

ATF-EAAP Special Session 2015

eport ATF seminar now online

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Report and presentations of our Special Session are now online!

2018 ATF events



ATF-EAAP Special Session
27th August 2018
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Presentations available!
 8th ATF annual Seminar
07th November 2018
Brussels, Belgium

Presentations available!


2017 ATF events

ATF events in 2017
Programme, presentations and report

ATF-EAAP Special Session
28th August 2017

Tallinn - Estonia
  7th ATF annual Seminar
26th October 2017
Brussels - Belgium 

2017 ATF theme:
Food integrity in the food chain:
How can the animal production sector contribute?

Read the outcomes of ATF events in 2017

2016 ATF events


Animal Production, the Key
in a European Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy


In 2016, ATF organised 2 events :


- ATF-EAAP Special session (August 29th) in Belfast, United Kingdom

Report available here


- ATF 6th annual seminar (November 16th) in Brussels, Belgium

Report available here


Graduate Jobs in Europe
Our members represent 18 different EU Member States, Switzerland, Serbia, Norway, and several industry organisations. Click on this map to see which Member States are involved.

For a list and more info on our members, click here.

Members map

Last news


ATF answer to the RISE report

Assessment methods of animal food systems

By A. Herlin (SLU), JL Peyraud (INRA), H.U. Sverdrup (University of Iceland)

for the GHG Agri Conference in Berlin

ATF 8th Seminar

Programme available!

ATF-EAAP special session:

Presentations available!

ATF press release on Euractiv


Facts and figures: sustainable and competitive livestock sector in EU

Presentation to download

Jean-Louis Peyraud
gave a speech at the
15-17 November 2017
Brussels, Belgium