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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe


7th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare
at Farm and Group Level

5-8 September 2017

Wageningen, The Netherlands

WAFL is an international scientific conference on the assessment of animal welfare at farm and group level. It is organised once every three years, and following the successful meeting in Clermont-Ferrand in 2014, it will next be held on 5-8 September 2017 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

As in all previous WAFL meetings, communications on any topic related to the assessment of animal welfare are very welcome. To name a few:
  • Sustainability and animal welfare
  • Avoiding bias in science
  • Animal welfare in society
  • Precision farming techniques
  • Protocols, aggregation, implementation
  • Social networks in animal welfare
  • Genetics and animal welfare
  • Statistics and methodology
Please note: WAFL especially invites interdisciplinary communications.

Key notes at WAFL2017

Dan Weary: ‘Innovations in animal welfare: what have we reached and what do we aim for?’
Imke de Boer: ‘Can we improve animal welfare and sustainability in concert?’
Jens Krause: ‘Animal Social Networks’
Noelle Aarts: ‘The Art of Dialogue’
Jelte Wicherts: ‘The weak spots of contemporary science and how to strengthen it’

Innovations in Animal Welfare
The conference will start with an inspiring ‘Innovation Day’ on Tuesday 5th September. Applied researchers and stakeholders involved in livestock production will present their suggestions on improving animal welfare where it matters: on farm, during transport and at the abattoir. Short ‘elevator pitches’, discussions with the developers during an ‘innovation market’ and an evaluation by the audience will decide which idea is the most promising. Your welfare improvement suggestions are very welcome too!

Important dates :
Registration & abstract submission opens: 1 December 2016
Deadline abstracts submission: 1 February 2017
Acceptance notification: 1 May 2017
Deadline early bird registration: 1 June 2017
WAFL2017 Conference: 5-8 September 2017

Please visit the website for more information

Wageningen Centre for Animal Welfare and Adaptation
(in collaboration with Van Hall Larenstein university of applied sciences)
PO box 338 - 6700 AH – Wageningen – The Netherlands
E: INFO@WAFL2017.COM | T: +31 (0)317 480652 |

8th European Conference on
Precision Livestock Farming

12-14 September 2017

Nantes - France

The European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming takes place every two years. The aim of this Conference is to exchange knowledge and experience through an open discussion and to support progress in this field.
Today Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technology is a reality. It has the potential to support and benefit animal feed suppliers, human-food retailers and other players along the livestock supply chain. This 'cross-disciplinary' approach is that 'animal-focused' scientists, engineers, companies as well as farmers' organizations have interacted and combined their strengths and views.

Nowadays in modern livestock farming, the need for reliable automated systems is compelling for reasons, such as biosecurity, the environment, husbandry practices, feeding practices, and their direct links to animal health.

Official website

FECUND Final Stakeholder Webinar

17th January 2017

FP7 project FECUND “Optimisation of early reproductive success in dairy cattle through the definition of new trait and improved reproductive biotechnology” will be completed at the beginning of 2017.

You are invited to FECUND Final Stakeholder Webinar on Tuesday January 17, 2017 at 10:00 CET.

With this final webinar, the organiser aims to share the results of FECUND project (2013-2017) with the relevant stakeholders of dairy cattle industry.

Please Save-the-Date of FECUND Stakeholder Webinar to your agenda and visit the website for further information on the program, registration and participation to the Webinar.

Sustainable EU Livestock: The way forward

30 November 2016

European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium
EU40 and Elanco Animal Health are jointly organising the third debate of the series “Sustainable EU Livestock: Actions Towards an Innovative, Climate-Smart and Competitive Future“.

The event entitled “Sustainable EU Livestock: The way forward” will take place on the 30th of November 2016, from 13:00 to 15:00h, room JAN 6Q2 at the European Parliament.

This final debate will be a wrap-up discussion of the 3 pillars of sustainable livestock production: environmental, economic and social, debated during the first events of the trilogy. Participants will discuss the way forward towards making the sector more sustainable, as well as how to bridge the trust gap between the livestock sector and consumers.

The third debate, part of a trilogy, is co-hosted by MEP Franc Bogovic (EPP), MEP Michela Giuffrida (S&D) and MEP Daniel Dalton (ECR).

Jannes Maes, Vice-President of CEJA (the European Council of Young Farmers), Lynn Frewer, Professor of Food & Society at Newcastle University, Lukasz Dominiak, General Director of the Polish Poultry Council, Luis Carazo Jimenez, Head of Unit – Animal Products, DG AGRI-European Commission and Jan Dirk Mulder, Senior Animal Protein Analyst at Rabobank are confirmed speakers at the event. The participation of a FAO representative is pending at the moment.

Registration need !
Official website here

Agenda available online

Global Food Forum

14 & 15 October 2016

on a farm
near Milan, Italy
The agri-food sector is at the crossroads between huge opportunities and massive pressure. Every single decision needs to be informed by a wide range of factors, where citizen expectations, breakthrough technologies and consumption patterns in developed but also in developing countries are only the tip of the iceberg.

To cope with these challenges we truly believe that we need a strong strategic vision both at world level and in the European Union, where we have a real responsibility, taking into account our contribution to global food security in Europe and abroad.

The Global Food Forum will gather passionate political and business leaders willing to share insights on their vision, as well as on possible pathways for future developments, aiming to enhance both economic performance and environmental sustainability – around 250 participants representing key influencers of the EU debate will participate, including many MEPs and Ministers that already support this initiative.

The programme will be a set of conference and workshops in casual settings around 4 key questions:
  • The Common Agricultural Policy: a need for overhaul ?
  • EU Climate goals: implications for EU food systems ?
  • From food waste to nutrition: how to build a sustainable food chain?
  • Geeks vs Fears: how to reconcile innovation and tradition?

Organised by : Farm Europe in partnership with Confagricoltura

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Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference

17 October 2016

Bratislava, Slovakia
The role of regions in the European Bioeconomy

The Slovak Presidency together with European Commission under the auspices of Standing Committee of Agricultural Research (SCAR) will organise a conference on the role of EU regions in developing a sustainable European Bioeconomy. The aim of the conference is to discuss with national and regional stakeholders the new bioeconomy context for the agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the role of research and innovation to overcome the big societal challenges ahead of us and also to identify the barriers in the regions in adapting the bioeconomy strategy. The wider objective is to raise awareness in the EU regions, on the need for bioeconomy strategy building, giving particular emphasis to the Central and Eastern European countries, to bring to the attention of EU policy makers the regional and international aspects of the Bioeconomy, and to raise awareness among stakeholders on the possibilities offered by these new aspects at regional and international level.

Bratislava Bioeconomy conference will be held on October 17 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia. This high level European meeting is organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and National Agriculture and Food Centre and by the European Commission. The conference is a part of the European Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, and serves as an important input to the future orientation of the European Bioeconomy Strategy.

Jean-Louis Peyraud, President of the Animal Task Force and Head of research at INRA (France) will be one of the speakers of the parallel session 4: "Micro and macro regional approaches in the bioeconomy".

Read the ATF presentation at the Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference

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28 September 2016

Brussels, Belgium

EU40 is delighted to organise the second debate of the series “Sustainable EU Livestock: Actions towards an Innovative, Climate-Smart and Competitive Future“.

The event entitled “Economic and social pillars of sustainable livestock production” will take place at the European Parliament, from 12.00-14.00h, room PHS P5B001.

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Short video from April 27th, 2016

EU-PLF project – Bright Farm by Precision Livestock Farming

29 September 2016

Brussels, Belgium
We are pleased to invite you to join the Closing conference of the EU-PLF – Bright farm by Precision Livestock Farming, on Sept. 29th, Brussels.
The Animal Task Force is co-organizing this event, together with EU-PLF project team and EAAP. By doing so, ATF is supporting dissemination activities of a major EU-funded project and dialogue between research, industries, farmers and policy makers.

We will present and discuss our position paper on Precision Livestock Farming, including gaps in research and recommendations for policy making, developed on the outcomes our last years’ events on “How to implement Precision Livestock Farming in practice” (see reports on our website):
ATF-EAAP Special Session in Warsaw, Aug. 31, 2015 
ATF Seminar in Brussels, Nov. 17, 2015
EU-PLF project – Bright Farm by Precision Livestock Farming 
  • Results of the 4 year project
  • Presentation of the EU-PLF blueprint on how to implement PLF technology on farms
  • Testimonies of farmers

Precision Livestock Farming

Management of livestock farming by continuous automated real-time monitoring/managing of production/reproduction, health and welfare of livestock and envi-ronmental load.

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Download the conference proceedings


12 - 15 September 2016

Krakow, Poland
EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition

Continuing the strategy, the 5th EAAP ISEP will focus on combining basic and applied research, and practical applications. Invited lectures and oral and poster presentations of the participants are planned.

The program will cover the following topics:

  • Physiological aspects of protein and energy metabolism and nutrition;
  • Animal product quality and health in the light of protein and energy metabolism and nutrition;
  • Environmental and animal welfare aspects of protein and energy nutrition;
  • Feed sources and feed processing related to energy and protein digestion and metabolism 
  • Methodological aspects of research on protein and energy metabolism and nutrition.

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Final Workshop for Dissemination and Discussion

09 September 2016 

Brussels, Belgium

The IMPRO project, co-funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme, released the detailed agenda for the final IMPRO workshop taking place on 9th September in the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU in Brussels.

The IMPRO project is about strategies and tools to improve animal health in organic dairy farming and to address what is needed to bring organic dairy farming closer to the expectation of consumers.

See the detailed agenda

Link to the official website

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SAPHIR Stakeholder Meeting

31 August 2016 

Belfast, United Kingdom

SAPHIR Stakeholder Meeting will be organised during the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science on 31 August 2016, in Belfast, UK. The meeting is at The Waterfront Conference and Exhibition Centre in the heart of Belfast and on the banks of the River Lagan.

The stakeholder meeting intends to create a platform for the scientists to meet with food animal stakeholders, policy makers, food industry and consumer representatives to discuss the advances made in the field of livestock vaccine strategies (under control of the Ex. Com and the IPUDC) in light of the SAPHIR project, and the needs and interests of stakeholders.

The workshop aims to facilitate interactions between academics and stakeholders and increase mutual awareness.

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International Precision Dairy Farming Conference

21 - 23 June 2016

Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
Precision Dairy Farming is one of the major topics that influences dairy farming developments worldwide.

After three successful North American Precision Dairy Farming Conferences, the first International Precision Dairy Farming Conference will be organized in 2016, in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

A programme on the crossroads of science and practice, aiming at a conference that brings together the scientists, who are interested in applied Precision Dairy Farming technology:

  • Technology manufacturers who will be the key drivers in product and service development;
  • Veterinarians/advisors who are the key users in the latest scientific developments; and
  • All who are interested in Precision Dairy Farming developments.

Environmental Sustainability of Livestock Production  

27 April 2016

European Parliament

Brussels, Belgium

EU40 is organising a debate entitled “Environmental sustainability of livestock production” as part of the trilogy “Sustainable EU Livestock: Actions Towards an Innovative, Climate-Smart and Competitive Future”. The first debate will take place on the 27th of April 2016, from 12:00 to 14:00h, room PHS 5B001 at the European Parliament.

The debate is co-hosted by MEP Michela Giuffrida (S&D), MEP Jasenko Selimovic (ALDE), MEP Franc Bogovic (EPP) and MEP Daniel Dalton (ECR)Sandwich lunch will be provided.

This debate is part of a trilogy and aims at targeting the following topics:

– Improve the impact of livestock on the environment and climate;

– Foster innovation in R&D, policy and at the farm, as well as aknowledge-based livestock sector.

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EIP-AGRI workshop "Operational Groups: first experiences"

20 - 21 April 2016

Legnaro, Italy

New date for EIP-AGRI workshop "Operational Groups: first experiences"

The EIP-AGRI workshop has been rescheduled to 20-21 April 2016. 

The EIP-AGRI workshop, which was set to take place on 20-21 January 2016, will now take place on 20-21 April 2016, at the same location - Legnaro, Italy.

This will allow more already active Operational Groups to participate in the event.

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12-13 April 2016

Utrecht, Netherlands
The fourth BioEconomy Stakeholders' Conference will be held on 12 & 13 April 2016 at the headquarters of Rabobank Nederland in Utrecht, the Netherlands, under the auspices of the Dutch EU Presidency.

This high–level European meeting is co-organised by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and by the European Commission.

The conference is an action under the European Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, and as such also serves as an important input to the future orientation of the European Bioeconomy Strategy, which will be reviewed and evaluated in 2016.

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News Headlines

2nd White Paper of ATF - 06 February 2017
2016 was an important year for the European Horizon2020 research agenda setting. The ATF has worked all year long on a Second White Paper (2016) of suggested priorities for research and innovation for the Horizon2020 2018-2020 Work Programme.
Today, we are pleased to announce that the Second White Paper is now available.
This update of the First White Paper (2013) and Addendum (2014) was prepared by the Animal Task Force Presidency and members. It was largely inspired by a dialogue with key stakeholders and institutions in Europe and through the participation of various events related to the European research and innovation agenda and policy setting, to provide a consulted contribution from the animal production sector to the agenda setting for research and innovation.

2nd White Paper
Appendix 2 of the 2nd White Paper