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ATF-EAAP Special Session 2015 – How to implement Precision Livestock Farming?


ATF-EAAP Special Session 2015 – How to implement Precision Livestock Farming?

How to implement Precision Livestock Farming? How could research contribute to on-farm practice? And how could supply and demand in­fluence the development and the use of PLF? The ATF and EAAP Special Session “How to implement Precision Livestock Farming?” on Monday August 31, 2015 focused on these questions. 

This year, the ATF and EAAP Special Session, which took place during EAAP Annual meeting in Warsaw, focused on Precision Livestock Farming (PLF).
PLF is the management of livestock farming by continuous automated real-time monitoring/controlling of production/ reproduction, health and welfare of livestock. Bringing research to practice will become increasingly important in research projects. 

Participants were challenged to discuss with researchers, the agrochain industry, representatives of the European Commission and other experts how research contributes to on-farm practice and how supply and demand influence the development and the use of PLF.

This Special Session aimed to contribute to the understanding of the role of  demand and supply actors in the PLF chain and their interaction with scientists in innovation and the application of PLF into practice processes. 

Find the detailed report of the session here.

Please, find below the presentations of the ATF Special Session:


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