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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe


The Animal Task Force is formed by a group of industry representative organisations and knowledge providers from all over Europe. Together, our members represent seventeen different EU member states, the Switzerland, and several sectors in the animal production chain.

Industry representative organisations are:

  • European Feed Industry (engaged partners)

    Knowledge providers are:

    United Kingdom


    The Netherlands
    Czech Republic




    We aim at being a fair representation of all parties involved in the livestock sector across Europe. We are therefore always looking for cooperation with other parties. If you want to have more information, please contact us at

    Promoting sustainable and competitive livestock in Europe requires a strong link with other organisations.
    ATF partners are:

    Why and how to become a new member/partner of ATF?

    Being a member/partner of ATF allows you to provide input for the research agenda developed by the Animal Task Force.
    A member has 2 votes at the General Meeting and an engaged partner has 1 vote.

    Membership of the Animal Task Force is open to European knowledge providers, European Technology Platforms and to European branch organisations in the animal domain.

    Engaged partners:
    Engaged partners can be preferably European Technology Platforms or branch industry organisations representing its branch.

    For more information, please contact the Secretary General: Florence

    News Headlines

    2nd White Paper of ATF - 06 February 2017
    2016 was an important year for the European Horizon2020 research agenda setting. The ATF has worked all year long on a Second White Paper (2016) of suggested priorities for research and innovation for the Horizon2020 2018-2020 Work Programme.
    Today, we are pleased to announce that the Second White Paper is now available.
    This update of the First White Paper (2013) and Addendum (2014) was prepared by the Animal Task Force Presidency and members. It was largely inspired by a dialogue with key stakeholders and institutions in Europe and through the participation of various events related to the European research and innovation agenda and policy setting, to provide a consulted contribution from the animal production sector to the agenda setting for research and innovation.

    2nd White Paper
    Appendix 2 of the 2nd White Paper