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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe

EATIP - European Aquaculture Industry

EATiP is an international non-profit association dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting aquaculture and, especially and specifically, technology and innovation in aquaculture in Europe so as to:

  • Establish a strong relationship between aquaculture and the consumer
  • Assure a sustainable aquaculture industry
  • Consolidate the role of aquaculture in society
EATiP has been designed to include all members of the European aquaculture value chain - from suppliers through producers to processors within the profession, accompanied by leading research groups and key representative organisations. EATiP's structure thus assures balanced representation and equilibrium in its scope and activities. Within the EATiP all relevant stakeholders in European aquaculture come together to address and resolve the challenges that lie ahead through a concerted and dedicated approach.

The vision of the European Aquaculture Technology Platform is that efficient implementation of strategically-focused RTDI within the European research community is necessary to support the sustainable development of European aquaculture and meet the following challenges:
  • Providing the European consumer with desirable, safe products of the highest quality and at an affordable price
  • Assuring that aquaculture’s impact on the environment is minimal
  • Respecting the conditions of optimal livestock welfare
  • Guaranteeing the training and skill development of the professionals working in the sector Developing and integrating new technologies within the entire value chain
  • Improving economic performance at each level of the value chainProviding clear contributions and benefits to society
In realising the specific RTDI requirements and the innovation required by the sector, cross-cutting interdisciplinary research must be achieved and, through the commitment of stakeholders and funding institutions, the resources applied to RTDI investment need to be increased. The innovations and knowledge generated must be incorporated effectively within all components of the sector, using appropriate supportive mechanisms.

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