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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe

EBRC Easter Bush Research Consortium

About EBRC
The Easter Bush Research Consortium (EBRC) represents the United Kingdom research providers in the Animal Task Force.
‘Easter Bush’ is about eight kilometres south of the centre of Edinburgh. It is the site of the campus of the University of Edinburgh where the University Veterinary School (The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies), the Roslin Institute (which is part of the University of Edinburgh) and the Animal and Veterinary Science Research Group of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) are located immediately next to the Moredun Research Institute.
The EBRC Consortium brings together these four research organisations (The Veterinary School and the Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh, the Moredun Research Institute and the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Researchers of SRUC) in a partnership that spans applied and fundamental aspects of research combined with strong links to clinical practice (through the Veterinary School), a broad range of advisory services (through SAC Consulting (part of SRUC)) and education across a broad sweep of veterinary and rural topics. The Consortium presents major opportunities for innovation through discovery, application and exploitation of the research of the consortium partners.

The EBRC creates a powerful alliance of basic research, applied research and clinical veterinary expertise. EBRC scientists with common and complementary interests in research work closely together to develop effective disease controls and treatments, improved food security, improved animal welfare and sustainable management of farm animals.
Together, the EBRC forms one of the largest groups focussed on the biology of companion and production animals in the world. It undertakes basic and translational science to tackle pressing issues in animal genetics and genomics, development, health, welfare and livestock production systems and their implications for human health.
The EBRC has operated through a Memorandum of Understanding since its formation in 2008. While it is not a legal entity (in the formal sense) its spirit of cooperation has a growing momentum with many cooperative research activities amongst the partners and a joint submission between the University of Edinburgh and SRUC for research appraisal through the UK REF system in 2014.

EBRC’s vision for the next five years is to build the European Centre of Excellence in Animal Bioscience and to create alongside it a pre-eminent capability for interdisciplinary research on farming systems and rural structures

EBRC in the Animal Task Force

EBRC represent the knowledge institutes of the United Kingdom in the ATF.
Major themes in the EBRC are ‘Food and Environmental Security’ and ‘One Biology, One Health’. EBRC provides expertise in:
  • Animal breeding, genetics and genomics
  • Developmental Biology
  • Disease systems, epidemiology and surveillance
  • Infection and immunity (Bacteriology, parasitology, virology)
  • Livestock systems 
  • Neurobiology, behaviour and animal welfare 
  • Rural policy and Agricultural economics 
  • Translational science and extension

Our blend of research linked to commercial consultancy, on the one hand, and to education and training on the other, gives us a perspective on innovation and future development that fits well with the goals of ATF, to realise ‘on the ground’ innovation. This is enhanced by our expertise in economics and policy analysis.

More information
EBRC partners
The Roslin Institute
Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)
The Moredun Research Institute
The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

To find out more about the EBRC, please contact any of the partners organisations.
Alternatively, for general information about the EBRC, please contact:
Patricia Hart
Communications Officer
The Roslin Institute
Roslin BioCentre
Midlothian EH25 9PS
United Kingdom


EBRC in the ATF
Prof. Richard Dewhurst 
Roslin Institute Building
Easter Bush, Midlothian
EH25 9RG