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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe
GEFETEC is a consortium of research laboratories of Ghent University and ILVO (Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research) active in the area of animal science, including animal nutrition and animal feed and offering complementary expertise in animal science. The GEFETEC partners are located within an area of 5 km offering facilities for research on crop production and -breeding, pilot lab facilities for animal feed development and research, small industrial plant for feed production (e.g. pelletizer, extrusion and drying technologies, spray drying); analytical labs (chemical, microbial, molecular, physical) and  facilities for feed evaluation and to study animal metabolism, digestion and performances.
The aims of the GEFETEC consortium are to offer added value to the animal production industry through complementary expertise and to enhance the dissemination of project results and other scientific information to the animal production sector.

Area of expertise and research
Animal: feeds, feed evaluation, (functional) animal nutrition, welfare, pathology, control of zoonosis, safety of feeds and feed additives
Crop:  sustainability, feed (and food) safety, feed security, molecular farming
Technology:  sustainable animal feed production, feed optimisation, sustainable protein sources, feed (and food) safety
Analysis: accurate and fast methods for monitoring quality and safety of animal feeds and products 
Pathology: control of animal diseases and infections

More information on the areas of expertise and research of GEFETEC can be found in their powerpoint presentation.

GEFETEC in the Animal Task Force 
GEFETEC represents the Belgian knowledge institutes in the ATF. The GEFETEC members are involved in numerous regional, national and European scientific projects in cooperation with other Belgian and European research institutes offering expertise in all areas of animal research. 

More information

Prof. Dr. Mia Eeckhout 
Ghent University 
Faculty of Bioscience engineering
Campus Schoonmeersen – Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1
B-9000 Gent