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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe

IFAH – International Federation for Animal Health Europe

About IFAH-Europe
IFAH-Europe represents companies that research, develop and manufacture veterinary medicines in Europe. By protecting the health and welfare of more than 900 million animals across Europe, the veterinary medicines sector contributes to improving animal and public health, the production of safe, affordable and sustainable food, a sustainable environment. IFAH-Europe works to maintain a responsible and competitive market place, which stimulates innovation and allows wide access to safe, effective and affordable veterinary medicines.

IFAH-Europe aims to increase the awareness of the value animal health brings to society in terms of animal companionship, sustainable agriculture, safe food and improved public health. It wants to promote a predictable, harmonised, science-based and innovative market place for safe, effective and quality veterinary medicines for veterinarians, animal owners and farmers across Europe. Our membership includes both veterinary medicines companies and national animal health associations in Europe.

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Mrs. Roxane Feller

Twitter: @IFAHEurope