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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe

National Agricultural and Food Centre (NPPC) Slovakia


About the National Agricultural and Food Centre (NAFC)

The National Agricultural and Food Centre focuses on comprehensive research and gathering of knowledge in the sustainable use and protection of natural resources, especially soil and water resources for crop production and animal husbandry, quality and safety, innovation and competitiveness of food and non-food products of agricultural origin, productive and non-productive impact of agriculture on the environment and rural development and the transfer of knowledge from agricultural and food research to end users.


Research Institute for Animal Production Nitra

The Research Institute for Animal Production Nitra (RIAP) is an important part of the National Agricultural and Food Centre. The main purpose of the institute is to find scientific and research solutions of problems in the sphere of biology and breeding farm animals (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, game bred on farms, poultry, fish, bees) perform goal oriented fundamental and applied research up to the verification of realization in the user´s sphere. Within the framework of the scientific and research activities of the centre there are applied and developed the following disciplines: genetics, biochemistry, embryology, ethology, applied mathematical statistics, economy.



The main objective of the institute is to solve the tasks of science and technical development for the branch of animal production, mainly in the sphere of breeding, nutrition and feeding, conservation and treatment of feeds, biotechnology, reproduction, ethology, technology and ecologization of husbandry, biology and technique of breeding farm animals, quality of meat, milk, economy of breeding and production in animals. Further activity of the centre is aimed at the creation of scientific programmes, concepts and prognoses in the sphere of animal production, expertise and extension work as well as education of scientific and professional workers.


NAFC in Animal Task Force

National Agricultural and Food Centre represents the Slovak Republic in ATF. NAFC is able to participate on important projects (welfare, health, reproduction, genetics, animal nutrition and feeding, environmental tasks, livestock farming systems) with our ATF partners. NAFC offers young and hard-working team of researchers able to collaborate in the field of ATF goals.



prof. Ing. Štefan Mihina, PhD.

director general of  NAFC



assoc. prof. Jaroslav Slamečka, PhD.

Director of RIAP Nitra



Ing. Ivan Pavlík, PhD.

Contact person of ATF




Hlohovecká 2

SK - 951 41  Lužianky



News Headlines

2nd White Paper of ATF - 06 February 2017
2016 was an important year for the European Horizon2020 research agenda setting. The ATF has worked all year long on a Second White Paper (2016) of suggested priorities for research and innovation for the Horizon2020 2018-2020 Work Programme.
Today, we are pleased to announce that the Second White Paper is now available.
This update of the First White Paper (2013) and Addendum (2014) was prepared by the Animal Task Force Presidency and members. It was largely inspired by a dialogue with key stakeholders and institutions in Europe and through the participation of various events related to the European research and innovation agenda and policy setting, to provide a consulted contribution from the animal production sector to the agenda setting for research and innovation.

2nd White Paper
Appendix 2 of the 2nd White Paper