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Promoting a sustainable livestock sector in Europe


Promoting sustainable and competitive livestock in Europe requires a strong link with European policy and policymakers. We therefore have seven observers who provide advice and guidance to our work.

 Mr. Jean-Charles Cavitte  Directorate-General for Agriculture & Rural development
 Mr. Christian Patermann  Former Director-General at the DG Research & Innovation
 Mr. Martin Burke  Chief Executive at ICAR - International Committee for Animal Recording
 Mr. Razvan Anistoroaei
 Directorate-General for Research & Innovation
 Mr. Alex Morrow  SCAR Aniwha
 Mr. Andrea Rosati  EAAP
 Mr Geoff Pollot
 EAAP - Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Genetics at The Royal Veterinary College
 Mr. Bernhard Polten  SCAR CWG Sustainable Animal Production
   Global Agenda of Sustainable Livestock (FAO)

News Headlines

2017 ATF events - 08 June 2017
ATF-EAAP Special Session
28 August 2017
Tallinn, Estonia

ATF annual Seminar
26 October 2017
Brussels, Belgium


Roadmap for Sustainable EU Livestock. - 30 June 2017

Making food production more sustainable is one of the greatest challenges of our times. In the face of global population growth, increased demand for animal protein, and climate action commitments, we need to ask ourselves how the EU livestock sector can become more sustainable? How can more be produced with less?
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